We understand that your pet is a special member of your family, and that saying goodbye is sad and difficult. Danvers Animal Hospital is here to guide you during this difficult time and committed to providing exceptional service, showing you and your pet the respect you both deserve.

Cremation is the process of reducing the body by exposing it to intense heat. Through high heat, the body is reduced to its basic mineral form. Remains are commonly called “ashes.” There are two cremation options available: private or group. The best way to determine which service is right for you and your pet is to ask yourself, “Is it important to have my pet’s ashes return?"


We offer pet cremation services for all size dogs and cats, as well as birds and other small pets.

You can choose either:

  • Private cremation: Your pet's cremation is done here on the premises, privately. Your beloved pet will not have to leave the hospital!
  • Group cremation: your pet will respectably be cremated with other pets and ashes are unable to be returned.
  • For a private cremation, your pet’s ashes are returned to you quickly in a complimentary carved flower wooden urn or you may choose to purchase an Urn or necklace from our selections.
  • We ask that you check in with us before coming to the hospital for your pet's ashes.
  • We also offer a complimentary clay paw print, at your request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us and we can help you through this most difficult time. We are here for you and your pet!

Complimentary urns from Danvers Animal Hospital
Complimentary Urn
Photo urn from Danvers Animal Hospital
Photo Urn
Paw print urn at Danvers Animal Hospital
Paw Print Urn
Necklace urn from Danvers Animal Hospital
Necklace Urn